A Diner’s Wonderland – Arrive to the sounds of the 1970s juke box and enjoy a cocktail or mocktail on arrival, followed by a four course meal accompanied by live music - very lively indeed. BYOB!

A 7 course Persian Family Feast in mazze style only at EJ! Traditional Persian live music will fill your ears while the chef Alex Alinia will fill your plates like a generous Persian parent - feel like at HOME!

Anzali is the birth place of Alex Alinia, the founder and head chef at Anzali. He has learnt his trade through years of travelling across the globe and by watching his mother create amazing dishes at home. Alex believes Iranian food offers something really different from everything else, it’s combined well with balanced spiced but not spicy, it’s aromatic and complex yet it mainly uses regular ingredients you can find anywhere in the world.

Persian cuisine is sometimes confused with Middle Eastern cuisine, a much broader and more general term. It’s impressive how the ancient Persian culture and cuisine has influenced a number of different countries, from the fragrant spices used in Indian, the chargrilled methods in Greek and Turkish to Tapas in Spain and the herbal infusion of Italian cuisine. These influences are seen in its kebabs and other dishes due to cultural contacts with ancient Greeks and Turks.

Mazze Family Style Menu

On the Table

Selection of rice, freshly baked home baked bread and home made garlic and chili sauces

To Start

Kashk Bademjoon - Smokey Aubergine combined together with fresh herbs, walnuts & spices

Starter Mirza Ghasemi – The perfect marriage of Aubergines and Tomatoes, a twist to the Classic Italian Pomodoro


Fisenjoon - The national dish, a fine combination of pomegranate and walnuts

Zereshk Polo - The family favourite, saffron infused sauce with golden jewelled rice, a sweet and sour classic

Ghormeh Sabzi – Slow cooked lamb nestled in fresh herbs, tangy dried limes and black eye beans, a hearty dish

Veggie: Kookoo Sabzi - lightly spiced frittata, all about the herb fusion a burst of flavour with every bite