A Diner’s Wonderland – Arrive to the sounds of the 1970s juke box and enjoy a cocktail or mocktail on arrival, followed by a four course meal accompanied by live music - very lively indeed. BYOB!

Sylvia, a head chef at a family run food business specialising in catering for Sri Lankan and Indian events will host the second, after successful Papi's Pickles, Sri Lankan event at EJ. The traditional, authentic home style vibe and an accompanying sitar player, will make you feel like at a real Sri Lankan tropical home. Sylvia and her daughter have been traveling across the world but their heart stayed in the heart of Sri Lanka. After 20 years of experience, they want to share their passion for delicious Sri Lankan food and beautiful original tropical presentation with EJ guests.home.
The Elmore Jam's resident father (Nick) & daughter (Ro) team have backgrounds in show production and design, as well as hospitality. Being the entertainment officer has always come easily to Nick and he loves hosting people in his home, a truly unique space with an open kitchen. Their focus is on getting delicious food prepared by a rotation of professional, exciting chefs to your plate whilst you enjoy socialising to a backdrop of live musicians–all the ingredients for a good night.

The Elmore Jam. A new kind of supper club in London. Professional chefs filling your plate, live music filling your ears.



Ulundu Vadai with coconut sambal
Savoury doughnut-shaped snack made from lentils, deep fried to give a crispy outside and a soft, pillowy inside, served with a homemade coconut dip

Devilled pork skewers
Slow-cooked pork in honey & spices, gently sliced and sautéed


Mutton rolls
Lightly-spiced mutton, potato and onion mix, inside a thin pastry which is carefully rolled, breaded and deep fried

Vegetable pattis
Spicy vegetable filling inside a semicircle of crispy, golden pastry


Artisan egg hopper and plain hopper with Negombo prawn curry.

Crispy bowl-shaped pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk, cooked with a soft yolk egg inside, seasoned with Himalayan salt and pepper.

Served with an authentic Sri Lankan prawn curry from the our native village of Negombo made with freshly ground homemade curry powder.

Egg hopper and plain hopper with cashew curry, lightly spiced soft and creamy cashew curry.

Onion and chili paste which is a traditional accompaniment to hoppers

Another round of plain hoppers will also be served.



Traditional coconut milk pudding, sweetened with Sri Lankan jaggery, and spiced with nutmeg, cloves and cardamom.