A Diner's Wonderland – Arrive to the sounds of the 1970s juke box and enjoy a cocktail or mocktail on arrival, followed by a four course meal accompanied by live music - very lively indeed. BYOB!

The April sessions starts with exotic journey to Sri Lanka and South India. Not only journey but also a great opportunity to support an important social cause.

Papi's Pickles is a family run social enterprise, providing fresh and tasty South Indian and Sri Lankan food and pickles, while working with unemployed women from these communities who live in the UK. They aim to provide an income, opportunities and support, alongside promoting the rich history of these cuisines and cultures.



Cauliflower fritters with seasonal Papi’s Pickles


Sri Lankan fish rolls

Freshly made pancake wrapped with sustainably sourced mackerel, potatoes, onions & spices

Served with tamarind and yoghurt chutney & pomegranate


Sri Lankan Puttu & Sothi with Chettinad Lamb curry

Steamed cylinders of rice & wheat with spinach, onions and fresh coconut

Served with sothi, made from organic coconut milk, onions, tomatoes, garlic & green chillies

Slow cooked Chettinad style lamb (free range) curry

Wambattu (V) Sri Lankan dish made with

aubergines, spices, onions, tomatoes & coconut milk



Mint & coconut chutney


Badusha topped with Palkova

A traditional pastry made with organic flour, sugar, ghee & saffron with freshly condensed milk fudge