A Diner’s Wonderland – Arrive to the sounds of the 1960s juke box and enjoy a cocktail or mocktail on arrival, followed by a four course meal accompanied by live music - very lively indeed. BYOB!

The March sessions finishes off with a big hello to spring with a vernal Easter theme by Mr Pigstuff, well known to Londoners pork enthusiast, who along with his team brings back to life the best English flavours with elegant modern touch, presentation and style.

Mr Pigstuff about himself:

"We combine the skillful execution of traditional cookery techniques with innovative twists, creating dishes that are vibrant and enticing, as pleasing to the eye as to the taste-buds.

We can cook anything from nose to tail, utilising influences from around the world in our cooking. At Mr Pigstuff we try to create menus that are in harmony with the seasons and Britain's rich food tapestry.

Britain has some of the best produce in the world; we strive to enhance and celebrate the freshest seasonal local ingredients to create dishes that are full of stunning natural flavour."

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