What is Holistic food?
Holistic food is natural, wholesome, nutritious, organic, ethical and unadulterated real food that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

Jamie Raftery, the Holistic Chef is a revolutionary visioner and Michelin level trained chef with 18 years cooking experience at the sides of the best chefs in the world. who brings eating on the higher level of food awareness. Holistic chef's vision and ethos is to educate, inspire and empower people to take more control of their health and wellbeing through the foods they consume. His approach is 'plant based' foods. He showcases the beauty of amazing, natural, sustainable, delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, flowers, herbs, roots, weeds,fungi ect. It's real food that he wants to reminds us of, take us to the future of food and dining.

Jamie gets 90-95% of my his food from plants. This righteous menu is predominantly plant based, with the aim to let all busy Londoners experience the future of food, regardless their current style of eating.

Jamie Raftery about himself:
"Enlightening people on the benefits of incorporating plant foods into their diet is so badly needed in todays world where the likes of big fast food brands are sponsoring the world cup and Olympics. Money talks unfortunately and the government are not acting in the best interest for the consumer. What is needed is a shift of consciousness and awareness at ground level, it is the start of an exciting journey.. "

Revolutionary Dining Menu

Carrot biscuit, avocado, black garlic, pickled red onions, tomato raisins, watercress

Biodynamic Red Beetroot & Fennel Kraut
smoked mackerel, apple relish, walnut ricotta

Cow Cheek, Fungi, Plants & Flowers
Miso glazed short rib of beef, sweet potato croquette, hen of the woods, asparagus, wild garlic, truffle gravy

Fruits of the Gods
Strawberry, raspberry and meyer lemon mousse, Brazil nut biscuit, cacao ganache

All dishes are free from uten, dairy and sugar