A Diner’s Wonderland - Arrive to the sound of the 1960s juke box. November sessions at Elmore Jam continue with a short culinary journey, exploring the unchartered territory of the humble green kernel (native of the Middle East) known as Pistachio. Your intrepid guide for the evening will be Sir Ernest Shackleton aka Nick Dudding or Hairy Nick.. BYOB!

STOP PRESS!! SPECIAL OFFER!! This is our first special offer and that is because it is our first ever Friday night. So don't delay, come and join in the fun and get yourself a cocktail, four delicious courses and some live jazz all for 29.50 - we must be nuts!

Archaeology demonstrates that the pistachio was commonly used as food as early as 6750 BC, which is somewhat earlier than the ‘hairy one’ first trained as a chef at Westminster Kingsway. Our latest recruit gave up his day job as an advertising creative to follow his passion for food, where he went on to work for such luminaries as Bill Granger. Some say he shouldn’t have bothered…but you can be the judge of that on Friday the 13th of November when he takes the helm in our kitchen.

But hey, isn’t Friday the 13th supposed to be unlucky we hear you say? Only if you miss out on this fabulous offer. Barney musician will be back for this one so we include a photo of him on his very own Birthday cake, with bongos of course.

The Elmore Jam's resident father (Nick) & daughter (Ro) team have backgrounds in show production and design, as well as hospitality. Being the entertainment officer has always come easily to Nick and he loves hosting people in his home, a truly unique space with an open kitchen. Their focus is on getting delicious food prepared by a rotation of professional, exciting chefs to your plate whilst you enjoy socialising to a backdrop of live musicians - all the ingredients for a good night.


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